WOW Workshop "Spaghetti" Secrets Review

W.O.W. - What Others Want

The 3 Keys to Magic Are


1. Make it Fun!

2. Think of Others!

3. Always Be Ready!


      Magic is much more than rabbits and top hats.  Magic is an amazing art form that can teach us about science and math and most importantly empathy. When you Discover Magic you will discover skills for life.


We teamed up with Six Flags Great Adventure to share the magic with theme park related adventures.

Check out our creativity, then create your own stories!


Here are three fun and simple magic tricks you can do with things you have around the house:


Magic Loop

Linking Loops Rollercoaster Edition

Bonus Version of the Loop Trick

Money Maker Giftshop Style

Snack Time Mix Up

Creative Version of Royal Mix Up

     The experience of magic is created by interacting with other people.  By following the Three Keys of Magic, your magic will be more fun, more amazing, and more memorable.  Remember most often in magic, as in life, what you do isn’t as important as how you do it.


     If you would like to learn more magic and even get special magic props you can use to entertain your friends and family, you can take a Discover Magic Course and learn the 8 Traits of a True Magician!

To learn more life changing magic, have a parent go to now!