WOW Free Magic Workshop

Westfield Recreation - May 13th 345pm

Magic is a Fun and Productive Activity

that continues long after kids are offline

The Academy is offering an INTERACTIVE Online Magic Workshop to help kids develop some awesome social skills during this time of social distancing. Not only will you be entertained, but your children will learn skills that will impact the rest of their lives!

I’d love to invite you and your children to join me for a FREE Virtual Magic Workshop.

In this W.O.W. Workshop we will teach 3 really cool magic tricks with things that you can easily find around the house - like how to make money appear or how to grow objects twice their size!!!

This is a LIVE Workshop and although, it's FREE, we only have a limited number of spots available.  If you would like to join the fun and learning, register below and I will send you a special invitation along with a list of a few items to grab from around the house.

You will be joining the spaghetti workshop and will be sent a list of materials and zoom link with the email you provide.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the workshop &  making some FUN memories together!

Until then remember to spread fun not germs!!!

Important Details

- Workshop is designed for ages 7-12, but other ages are welcome.
-All adults must be accompanied by a kid.
- Due to the nature of the internet & the social interaction in the workshop, all students must have their video capabilities enabled*.
- The workshop will be held through the updated version of ZOOM, (it's easy to use, details will be provided in your Registration letter.)
*All sessions are recorded for safety purposes, no video will be publicized without written consent of a parent or guardian.

Register Here to Reserve your Spot

May 13th 345pm

Kids have fun Performing Magic

and being the magician's assistant

Magic Camp

♠ Learn Professional Magic Tricks

♣ Great for Beginners & Magic Aficionados

♠ Kids build Confidence

♣ Develop Communication Skills


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