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    Over the Last 12 years we’ve been having fun teaching magic camp through the YMCA in Central New Jersey and aligned our program with their core values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring and Honesty. Recently, we expanded our core values to include the 8 traits of a true magician: Respectful , Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident,  Creative,  Authentic, Humble and Giving. Magic is great for kids because it naturally teaches kids to be confident, communicate and have fun learning to practice independently so they can master a skill.
      Since we have chosen to convert our curriculum to the Discover Magic Program we are expanding our camps across Central New Jersey to include new locations for summer camp and through the school year. We’ve added a bunch of new locations and will continuously be adding more.  Kids deserve to benefit from the skills magic teaches them and I am stoked to be sharing this art with more kids across New Jersey.
     Last night I performed our What is Magic show at the Edison YMCA and want to compliment the students for being a wonderful audience. They learned that magic is science, math, art and theater and went home with additional tricks to practice. I look forward to seeing them at upcoming classes.
~Erin Ray

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