Compliments People Shared about our Magic Programs


Megan McVay - YMCA aftercare director after seeing the positive influence magic class had on the students.

Kids, Parents & Educators love Discover Magic

Best Week Ever!

Angelina- Camper

“This is the one place that has truly sparked something in my son’s life and has made him feel comfortable around other people!”

Ben Smith - Parent

“If my kid could only pick one program to go to…THIS IS IT.”

Damien Brezinski Parent

“Every night we’re treated to a magic show. This has boosted their confidence so much!”

Sharon Chadwick - Parent

“I would like to thank the entire staff at Magic Class for sharing their inspiration and hearts with so many children. Your classes offer more than just magic; it instills confidence, makes laughter contagious and fills the heart with hope!”

The Parry Family - Parents

“I can’t believe what this program has done for my child without them even realizing it.”

Cheryl Tripp - Parent

“Thanks for making such FUN magic classes for kids.”

The Spurrier Family - Parents

“They had the best time EVER!”

The Monohan Family - Parents

“I just wanted you guys to know my daughter came home last night and told us, ‘that day was better than a whole week at Disney World! If I hadn’t gone to that magic course I would have nothing in my life!’ Thank you!”

The Siegel Family - Parents

“They enjoyed every minute of it! You and your staff are awesome!!!”

The Matthews Family - Parents

“HANDS DOWN…this place is MAGIC!!!”

Marty Siu - Parent

“My kid is now waking me up to get ready for this program.”

Mary Leister - Parent

“My daughter has never been more excited to come home and show me what she’s learned!”

Joy Skinner - Parent

“The way you guys run your programs and the things taught that these kids get, is how life skills should be experienced.”

The Spaller Family - Parents

“Today feels like Christmas and yesterday felt like forever.”

Alex Perkins -Student who had been waiting a year to attend magic class again. 

“This is the only program my kid comes home excited to tell me about every detail of his day!”

Leslie Stachowicz - Parent

“I can’t say enough about the Discover Magic program.”

Deb Stauss - Parent

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for making magic class such a fantastic, fun-filled experience for my daughter. From the first day, she has felt your staff’s caring and loving attitude to all the students. She is a very creative and caring child that enjoys activities that allow her to ‘think outside the box’. She typically experiences anxiety but the fun-filled, yet silly structure has made her a happy camper all week.”

The Abernathy Family - Parents

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