A Homebound Magician

Inspiring Minds through Story

What does a magician do

when there are no social gatherings?

I can’t speak for everyone
but I like to get extra work done
and then take the time to have some fun.
Maybe I will mix some activator and glue,
but that’s something I know I can do
It’s the perfect time to try something new.
I flip through my magic books for a new trick
many great choices, which one to pick?
I need hands off routines so I don’t get sick
and with materials I can find at my place.
Which ones are good enough to showcase,
while keeping my hands away from my face?
To find out the answer you'll have to wait and see
In a new online workshop that’s hosted by me
Best of all it’s currently offered for free
Not every young magician has a bunny
so we can do one together with a little money.
Will this routine be serious or funny?
If you have not attended the workshop before
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2 Weeks as a Home bound Magician

There’s still a lot of work to do
I’ve been working hard to create fun for you
I like to give something to everyone
So I didn’t stop at making just one
I designed stories that may look a little mad
But are funny, uplifting and make me feel glad
I’m happy to give you things that make you smile
And fight off your boredom for a little while
I am adding some activity pages
With fun for kids of all ages
Puzzles and riddles that make you think
Or color the characters blue, red, or pink
Have some fun with whatever you choose
Best of all there’s more good news
Check back often to uncover more
And maybe you’ll discover our new magic store

We're all in this together

Businesses are closed.
Kids are learning from home.
Magicians are home bound too;
we’re going through this with you.
Life as we knew it has changed.
A virus that we can’t see
is inhibiting the life we knew
and it affects everyone, not just me or you.
We are home with our families
keeping everyone healthy & safe.
But we all have to listen and be smart
to keep our safe distance of 6 feet apart.
It’s hard to see our friends without leaving home
or talking to each other from across the street.
Someone may drive by to wave to you
because they miss being close and hugging you.
We need things to keep our minds busy
together as a family and on our own.
We are tired of being home with nowhere to go
and call our friends daily to check in and say hello.
We can find some good in our situation.
We can plant a garden or work on our hobbies.
You can scroll the web to discover something new
or enjoy a little magic that I can teach you.
Smile and have plenty of fun.
Enjoy what you can from home.
We’re all in this together;
it will pass and things will get better.