Help kids have fun building confidence and communication skills!

Offering Quality Magic that Kids, Parents and Teachers Love

Do Something Special for Leap Year

Give Kids a Magical Experience They'll Remember

Learning Magic Empowers Kids

  ♠  Professional Quality Magic

  ♠  Unique Kid Friendly Tricks

  ♠  New Course Every Session

  ♠  Earn Custom Magic Wand

  ♠  Customizable for Schools, Camps, Carnivals, Events, Fundraisers and More!

Magic is STEAM

Learn How Magic Works

♠  Magic is Math, Science, Engineering, Technology, Art and Theater

  Hands on Learning

♠  Use the Scientific Method

♠  Students Work in Collaboration

♠  Learn to Think Outside the Box

♠ Embrace Creativity to Creating Stories for the Tricks


Magic is SEL

Learn how to make friends

♣  Build Relationships

♣  Treat Self & Others with Respect

♣  Be Prepared to Handle the Unexpected

♣  Learn Their Strengths and How to Use Them

♣  Understand That It's Okay to Make Mistakes and Learn From Them


Magic is Fun

Let them discover it for themselves

♣  Learn the Secrets of Magic

♠  Kids Express Their Personalities

♣ Fun Social Interactions

♣ Unique Kid Friendly Tricks

♣ Magic is One Activity that People of All Generations can Enjoy together

♣  Magic is Everywhere: Books, Movies, Games and TV: They Want to Learn It


Customizable Professional Quality Magic Programming

Specialty Camp, Electives, Theme Weeks, Rainy Days, Trading Post and more

♠ Easy to learn. Easy to teach.

♠ All our magic comes with clear directions and support.

(No more magic with confusing directions.)

♠ Video training and/or live training by our trained magicians also available.

♠  Contact us for a free consultation.

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Magic You Can Teach

or Offer at Trading Post

Professional Magic

Unique Custom Tricks

♣  Custom Made Professional Magic Tricks

♣  Made especially for kids

♣ 5 options to choose from

♣ Secret Safari, Carnival of Curiousity, Passportal, Treasure Boxes, or Jungle Bugs

Mini Magic Tricks

Unique Handheld Tricks

♠   Custom designed kids tricks

♠   Bonus jokes, performing tips & more

♠   8 Tricks in a Set

♠   Discontinued

♠   While Supplies Last

Magic Explorers

Brand New This Year

♣  Punch out, Color and Assemble

♣  6 Custom Tricks

♣  Fun activities and tips

♣  Great for kids ages 5 & up

♣ Easy to learn, easy to teach

Paper Magic

Cut & Paste Tricks

♠   Create your Own Magic, just cut & paste

♠   Unique easy tricks

♠   Professionally Printed

♠    8 tricks available

♠   Sets come with make your own envelopes
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♣  Order More Save More

♣  Magic sets or individual tricks available

♣  Tell us what you need and we'll give you a quote for each option

Specialty Camps - Taught by Us

Full Week and Once a Week Programming Options

Discover Magic Curriculum

  ♠  Professional Quality Magic

  ♠  Unique Kid Friendly Tricks

  ♠  New Course Every Summer (4 course rotation)

  ♠  Earn Custom Magic Wand

  ♠  Life Skills Traits built into the program

  ♠  STEAM & SEL embedded into the program

Professional Magic

♠  8 Custom Professional Magic Tricks

♠  8 File Folders with Activities & Magic

♠  Custom Graduation Wand

♠  Bonus access to online training

Fun Unique Lessons

♣  New Magic Everyday

♣  STEAM style learning

♣  Unique Magic Games

♣   Social Interactions Daily

Kids Magic Show

♠  All kids help plan the magic show

♠  Everyone is invited to participate

♠  Kids express their personalities

♠  Graduation Ceremony after the show

2 Weeks (Half Days) or Full Day Programming - $340/kid

1 Week Half Day programs $170/kid

Interactive Magic Shows

4 Shows Available

♠  Shows that teach your campers magic

♠ 30-40 minute options

♠  Fun and interactive

♠  Add on Workshops Materials

♠  Bonus Tricks for each kid

♠  Great for Theme Weeks, Carnival, Family Nights

♠  Balloon animals and workshops available too.

Fun Books

Magic Themed Activity Book

♣  Unique Magic Activity Books

♣  Magic related activities and illusions

♣  Magic Tricks

♣  Word Searches, Hidden Objects, Brainteasers & More

♣  Fun for kids ages 7-12

♣  Use on Rainy Days, Trading Post, Aftercare, or Game Rooms

Fun Facts

♠  The Academy has been offering exciting magic programs in NJ for 18 years.

  Academy of Amazement is licensed to teach Discover Magic in NJ.

♠  Discover Magic is celebrating 8 years of service spreading fun to kids across the world.

♠  We are working hard with a team of other licensed Discover Magic magicians to continue bringing fun quality programs for all circumstances.

  We come to you or your counselors can teach.
Tell us what you need and a budget and we'll recommend your best options.

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