"Empowering Kids Through the Art of Magic;

Building Character, Confidence, and Communication Skills for Life!"

What is Magic Virtual Workshop

Designed for Scouts

Cub Scout badge programs available upon request

Are you looking for a fun education activity for your troop?

Do you want your scouts to learn a new skill that can spread happiness, build confidence and improve social skills?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Scout Magic Workshop is a perfect fit for your troop.  The workshop teaches kids that Magic is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, and Theater and fits the STEAM programming.  In addition to learning 4 new tricks, kids will get to enjoy a few extra tricks and one show can cover up to 3-4 different meetings.

Week 1 - Kids will enjoy the show the first day, and learn the secrets of magic

Week 2 - Kids get together and practice all 4 of the new tricks

Week 3 - Kids learn an additional bonus trick they design themselves and plan for the show

Week 4 - Student magic show performed by the troop

What they Learn

♣  predict the future

♣  defy the laws of nature using a principal of science

♣  storytelling with a magic touch

♣  control an object with your mind

The Program $19 each with 8 kid minimum:

What you get

♠ a special file folder with instructions to all the tricks

♠ materials needed to perform the tricks

♠ a magic patch that does a trick (it's high quality iron-on)

Upgrade to $25 

♠ a unique bonus trick that allows them to read minds (they can't find it anywhere else)

Why enjoy a workshop with us?

♣ Erin Ray is a former Girl Scout & has been working with kids for 25 years.

♠ Over 10,000 kids have already enjoyed this program across the globe.

♠ Kids have a great time in the workshops and continue the fun long after class is over.

Kids can be themselves as they perform magic their way and spread happiness as they share their new skill.

♣ The fun of magic helps kids build confidence.

Parents & Kids Love It

Here's a few comments about virtual lessons

"Best class ever!" - Samaara, age 10

♣  I love magic.  It's fun and gives me something to do when I'm bored!" Ra age 9

 "Magic is the only program my son has enjoyed." James

♣  "My girls had a wonderful time at the workshop, could you host one for my daughter's birthday?" -  SuAnn.

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