Magic Camp at Quail Hill: Purple Wand

Magic Academy

Houdini's Secrets & Impossible Feats

Purple Wand Sessions A & B

Learn over 12 tricks this week

Houdini's Secrets:  Learn how to pass an object through someone’s hand, make a money appear or disappear, predict the future and more.
Impossible Feats:  Travel through time with a magic bandana, read people’s minds, make your shoe balance on a playing card and more.
Use STEAM concepts to learn how magic is math, science, engineering, art and technology through hands on learning, creative and critical thinking while applying the scientific method.
Develop the 8 traits of a True Magician: Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Creative, Authentic, Humble and Giving.
Young Magicians develop confidence and build social skills while having fun.

Class Details

♠ Magic Camp August 21-25: 9a-4pm

♣ Quail Hill Scout Camp Lodge

♠ Full Week Camp $350

(includes professional magic kit worth over $100)

Bonus Games and Magic Practice - 4-5p: $50

- Kids have the option to perform in a student show on the last day.

-Recommended Age - 7-12.
Professional Magic Kit the kids get to keep and earn their purple magic wand. (Collect all 4 Colors)

♣ 8 Professional Tricks

♣ 8 Folder Tricks

♣ Bonus Video Vault - unlock more tricks & tips

Spaces are Limited: Register Now

Camp has a minimum of 14 kids & max of 30