Kids Can Learn Magic at School

Assemblies, Special Events, Fundraisers, Enrichments, Clubs, Classes, Camps & More

Empower kids to build Confidence and Social Skills

Learn the secrets behind magic at every event

Give your amazing students a fun educational event to remember.

Kids can learn the secret to at least one magic trick that they can take home and share with friends and family to continue the experiences long after your event.
All programs are designed to support SEL, STEAM and treat everyone with respect while building confidence and making positive memories.  

Kids love learning and performing magic, parents love that kids are becoming more confident, social and having more quality face to face conversations. 

Schools love that the kids are having fun while learning how magic is STEAM & SEL. 

♠  Could your NJ or Pennsylvania school benefit from a fun new learning experience?
♠  Do you live outside the local area?  We've still got you covered, we travel for large events.

Why do Magic?

Magic Programs Help Kids Excel

How does magic enhance kids' lives?

♣ Magic empowers young minds to learn about the world around through fun

♦ Satisfies kids' natural curiosity and makes them think 

♣ They discover that magic shows us how things work using science, math, technology, art, engineering and theater to their advantage

♦ Learning to perform magic enhances their creativity 

♣ Sharing tricks with their friends and family builds confidence, creativity and social skills

♦ Magic helps kids of all skills and abilities to work together and have fun while making new friends.  

♣ Kids that struggle with social skills, learning disabilities, or autism spectrum disorder are more comfortable socializing using magic as a tool

♦ A well designed magic program incorporates both STEAM and social emotional learning techniques to help kids excel

♣ Builds their confidence and self-esteem

♦ Gives them the courage to try new things such as participating in talent shows

Magic Options for any Occasion

Assembly Shows & Workshops

Fun for all ages

♣  30-40 minute performance

♣  Learn Magic Show

♣  Teaches STEAM and/or SEL

♣  Incorporates Student or Teacher Volunteers

♣  Empowers kids to make decisions & participate

♣  Includes magic giveaways for kids 6 & up

Enrichments, Clubs, or Camps

Magic Lessons

♣  Options for kids ages 4-12

♣  Professional Tricks or Create your own tricks

♣  Custom Programming to fit your needs

♣  Flexible Scheduling

♣  Embraces STEAM & SEL

♣  Helps kids make friends and improves socialization

Magic You Can Teach

Materials & Lesson Plans

♣  Magic provided for your instructors to teach

♣  Plan your lessons for what works for your team

♣  Lesson plans provided with the tricks

♣  Instructor training included

♣  Customization of magic programming available

♣  Help kids excel without needing outside instructors

Fundraising or Events

Shows, Workshops, Prizes

♣  A new fun way to raise money for your school

♣  Choose from a show or materials

♣  Can add on additional revenue streams with a magic show

♣  Add-on pizza, ice cream or a magic lesson for additional fundraising

♣  Sell magic fun books or magic tricks for a new unique product they can't find  online

Magic Tricks and Materials

Professional Magic Tricks for Kids ages 3-103

Special Events, Classes, Camps, Fundraisers, Workshops

Professional Tricks

Choose from a selection of Custom Made Professional Magic Tricks made especially for kids

Create Your Own

Unique Magic Tricks kids of all ages and skill levels can color and perform, includes bonus activities 

Mini Magic Tricks

Custom designed punch out tricks with jokes, performing tips & more

Kids can collect all 8

Activity Books

Magic related activity pages

Word Searches, Hidden Objects, Brainteasers, Magic Tricks & More

Assembly Programs

Kids Learn that Magic is Science, Math, Art, Engineering & Theater

♣  Science allows magicians to stay one step ahead of their audience

Math involves patterns that magicians embrace to predict the future

Artists use their imagination to create optical illusions to make us think

♣  Theater allows magicians to tell a story and pretend to bring fun to an illusion

Engineering uses codes and sequences that magicians can use for secrets in their tricks.

Kids are Empowered as young magicians to make the magic happen

♣ In this show the magician steps back to allow the kids to perform the tricks

♣ The students feel empowered when they are the ones to make the magic happen

♣ Magic is about building confidence and working together to reach a common goal

♣ Discover the meaning behind the magic word Anokin!  

8 Magic Words Teach kids to Care for others and believe in themselves

I Can - Inspires kids to try and builds confidence to achieve their best.

I Forgive You - Prepares kids for success and allows them to recognize that others are not perfect.

Great Job - Encourages kids to recognize others achievements and inspire creativity

I'm Sorry - Allows kids to become authentic and feel stronger when they can admit they make mistakes.

Pre-School Magic Shows & More

Teach kids about preventing the spread of germs and staying healthy through the fun of magic.

Ages 3-6

Learn about colors as we make things appear, disappear and change colors, as we have a silly good time.

Ages 3-6

Discover various types of treasures as you search for the grandma's missing necklace

Ages 3-6 or 7-12

Sensory Fun for Everyone

Mini foam party for our young kids

Bubble Show or Bubble Play Stations

"After the first magic lesson, I already saw changes in the kids.  The quietest girl in the group became outgoing when she shared magic with students who were not in the class.  My step-daughter broke out of her shell and went house to house sharing her magic with the neighbors.  The kids learned 2 tricks on their first day of camp and (after day 1) I was already grateful that we brought this program to our school!" 
Mr. Reiff - Parent and Teacher at OLMC

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