Life Skills

A Life Skills Course

Integrated into Magic Class

We empower students to build character, confidence and communication skills for life.  They will embrace the 8 traits of a true magician imbedded into each lesson as they develop creativity and critical thinking skills.  Every child is given the opportunity to feel like a star as he/she is invited to perform in our student magic show on the last day of class.

As the exclusive presenters of the Discover Magic curriculum in Central New Jersey, we are happy to offer students this wonderful opportunity.  Only select magicians across the world are certified to teach the Discover Magic life skills program and your student could be one of the elite to master this program and earn all 4 wands as a young magician.

8 Traits of a True Magician


♠   Always be on time.
♣  Always be kind to your audience.
♠   Treat others the way you want to be treated.
♣   Never interrupt or interfere when others are performing.
♠  Never say you know how a trick is done.


♠   Practice, Practice Practice.
♣  Always have a plan.
♠   Have everything set up.
♣   Know your beginning, middle and end.
♠  Be ready for questions like, "How did you do that? Can you do it again? I know how you did it."


♠   Be Happy. Smile.
♣  Be excited about your performance.
♠   Use your voice and use hand gestures. Don't be too loud.
♣   Have good posture.
♠  Sleep well and eat healthy, so you have energy.


♠   Introduce yourself enthusiastically.
♣  Remember you are performing your magic as a gift.
♠ Be prepared/Know what you'll say.
♣  Engage with your audience.
♠  Trust in your practice and have fun performing.


♠  Never brag about what you can do.
♣  Always be ready to learn. Admit your mistakes.
♠  Liston to and learn from others.
♣  Be kind. Give credit to others.
♠  Help others succeed. Enjoy other people's successes.


♠   Allow yourself to be different.
♣  Don't take ideas from others without permission.
♠   Try new things. Don't be afraid to fail.
♣  Add your personal touch.
♠  Creativity is developed and not something you are born with.


♠  Be your best you.
♣  Don't pretend to be something you're not .
♠  Be truthful. Don't blame others.
♣  Don't try to impress. Know the goal is to entertain.
♠  Don't try to make friends, just be a friend to others.


♠ Give without expecting anything in return.
♣  Create a memory, the gift is the feeling they get.
♠ Be authentic & creative.
♣  Be humble.
♠  Don't tell others what an amazing gift you gave.