Edison Magic Classes: Green Wand

Magic Academy

Green Wand

Take in any order, earn a magic wand if you take both A & B

Summer Camp: Classics with a Twist (Green Wand* - Part A) - Learn how to read minds, make money appear, manipulate ropes like the professionals and more.   
♦  Summer Camp: Classics with a Twist (Green Wand* - Part A) Discover how to predict the future, make objects appear, transport someone to another dimension, and more.
Use STEAM concepts to learn how magic is math, science, engineering, art and technology through hands on learning, creative and critical thinking while applying the scientific method.
♠ Embrace Social Emotional Learning as students of various backgrounds and abilities come together to learn a new skill.  Students and get comfortable talking to people, learning about their own abilities, learn from their mistakes and how to perform under pressure.
Develop the 8 traits of a True Magician: Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Creative, Authentic, Humble and Giving.
Young Magicians develop confidence and build social skills while having fun.

Class Dates

♠ Magic Class A Classics with a Twist

♠ Mon-Fri July 8th-12th

♠ 1-4pm

♠ Magic Class B Impossible Feats

♠ Mon-Fri Aug 19-23rd

♣ Minnie B Veal Community Center

- Kids have the option to perform in a student show on the last day.

(Taking both A & B courses, allow the students to earn their green magic wand)

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