Class Schedule Lesson Plan

(for a 90 Minute Class to a 3 Hour Camp)

Students learn 1 or 2 tricks per day and 1 or 2 life skills per day,

depending on the selected curriculum.

*45-60 minute classes cover 1 trick and trait. 


Opening, Introductions, Class Rules, Attendance

Warm up Game:

Breaks the ice, get to know one another and start having fun as a team.

(For example:  during the confident lesson we have each child say their name and make a superhero pose which we all copy and build confidence through good body language & posture.)

Trick Time:

♦ Perform trick and allow the students to experience the feelings of magic.

♦ Let students ponder how it’s done; sometimes the students guess correctly.

♦ Explain the trick then and perform it again so they can see it from a magician’s point of view.

♦ Hand out the tricks & teach the steps, emphasizing the importance that they practice, practice, practice.

Personal Practice:

Individual learning going through the steps and what to say.

Power Practice:

Kids practice performing with one another in a rotation pattern.

VIP Video:

Short video by Famous Magician that teaches them one of the 8 traits of a true magician.

Review Video:

What was learned?

2nd Trick

Repeat Trick, Power Practice & Personal Practice


If time allows, a few kids perform for the whole class.


If time allows, a few kids perform for the whole class.


Play special magic games related to the curriculum or play ordinary games with a magic spin.  Have fun while build confidence, teamwork and learning new skills.

(For example: magic 4 corners teaches them the pips {♣} of the cards, which they will need to know when we perform card magic.)


♠ Remind the students to use the traits of a magician when performing and in their day to day life.

♠ Suggest they practice, practice, practice to assure that they mastered the steps and  performance before showing their trick to someone.

♠ Challenge them to perform for a family member or friend.

In a 3 hour camp, between the tricks:

♦  We break up the day with game time & an extra spotlight time as several students perform their version of the trick for the group.

♦  It also allows those students who need snack time to enjoy snack without missing anything.