"Empowering Kids Through the Fun of Magic;

Building Character, Confidence, and Social  Skills for Life!"

Magic Academy Summer Camp

Fun program for STEAM & SEL learning

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What is Discover Magic?

We're licensed to teach the Discover Magic Curriculum

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Specialty Camps

♠  We teach your campers magic

♠  They learn valuable life skills

♠  Custom times to fit your schedule

♠  1 or 2 week options

Aftercare Workshops

♣  We bring magic to campers

♣  Kids look forward to aftercare

♣   Once a week for several weeks

♣   Week long lessons for theme weeks

Professional Magic Kits

♠  Your counselors teach the magic

♠  Detailed lesson plan available

♠  We will train you & your staff

♠  Unlimited access to online training

Why take a Magic Class

Magic is a fun performing art that empowers kids to achieve greatness

This life changing program builds self-confidence and develops critical communication skills in a fun and unique way that is guaranteed to unlock your child’s potential and impact the rest of his/her life.  Through magic, games, activities and a student magic show, kids will have fun making friends while building character, confidence, social skills and more.

The Magic of STEAM

Magic encompasses a wide variety of topics that can be applied to amaze and entertain an audience including: Science, Math, Engineering, Technology, Critical Thinking and Creativity. Students apply the Scientific Method as they question how a trick is done, make a hypothesis and experiment with the tricks.  Young magicians learn to be hands on and have fun while they learn how these subjects can be utilized to mystify their audience.

A Life Skills Course

Integrated into Magic Class

Students build confidence as they learn how to become a true magician through the 8 character traits embedded throughout program.  Kids push themselves to step outside their comfort zones, using magic to build character, creativity and communication skills for life.

The Discover Magic Program is an elite life skills magic curriculum only available through approved presenters around the world.

As the exclusive presenters of Central New Jersey certified to teach the one of kind Discover Magic Life Skills Program; we are excited to bring this opportunity to you.

8 Traits of a True Magician


Treat others the way you want to be treated.


Practice, Practice, Practice.


Be Happy. Smile.


Trust in your practice and have fun performing.


Always be ready to learn. Admit your mistakes.


Allow yourself to be different.


Be your best you.


Give without expecting anything in return.

Professional Magic Kit

♦  Custom Designed Professional Magic Tricks

♦  Top Secret File Folder-

Reinforce the life skills, learn another magic trick & more

♦  Top Secret Words -

Unlock more magic in the Online Video Vault.

Full Kit Materials

♠      8 Professional Tricks

♠      8 Magic Folders

♠      Graduation Certificate

♠      Graduation Magic Wand

Each course comes with a Custom Graduation Wand in matching course color.  (Collect all 4)

Blue Wand Kit

Full Course Materials

The Courses

*May be taken in any order

Purple Wand

♦  Learn how to pass a rope through a volunteer's hand, make money appear out of nowhere and travel through time with a magic bandanna, turns jacks into acrobats and more.

♦     Learn the 8 basic effects that make up all magic tricks.

Green Wand

♦  Discover how to read minds, make money appear, manipulate ropes like the professionals, calculate numbers faster than a calculator and more.

♦   Learn 8 secret magic principles that make all magic tricks possible.

Orange Wand

♦  Learn how to make objects pass through other solid objects, find hidden magical treasures, create unique ways to sniff out a volunteer's card and more.

♦    Learn the 3 parts that make up a magic trick with a special focus on presentation.

Blue Wand

♦  Learn how to move a block with your mind, make a monkey appear, use superhero powers to match a missing glove, operate a time machine and more.

♦     Learn types of magic from dinner table tricks, parlor tricks & stage illusions.

♣    Courses offering 1 or 2 semesters for a single season, such as a summer camp, will change colors yearly.

♦   If we teach in a venue for more than one season, like fall & spring, we will offer another color course with completely different materials. 

♦  Courses may be taken in any color order.

♦   A student may take a course twice and become the magician's apprentice, if he/she accepts the honor.

Length of Class

Varies by Location


♦     Anywhere between 45 minutes for an After School Program to 3 hours for a Specialty Camp.


♦     The course is customized to meet each location's needs.

Recommended Age



♦     Younger kids - May be ready if they are:  joining a sibling, are really focused or already practicing magic.

♦     Older kids - Select locations will allow older students if they are passionate about magic.


Last Day of Class

♦     Participate in a Magic Show - Every student is invited to share his or her new skills in a student show.

♦     Recognition in a Graduation Ceremony - Receive a Graduation Certificate

♦     Awarded a Course Graduation Wand - at the end of a full course

Magic Explorers

♦  Designed for Kids as Young as 4-7

♦  Introduction to Magic

♦  Color Your Own Magic Tricks

♦  Simple, Easy to Handle Tricks

♦  Can also be used by kids who like magic, but don't sit still, or seniors with limited handling skills

♦ Great for special needs students of all ages

*Tricks may vary from those offered in our main course