"Empowering kids to build character, confidence, and social skills for life through the fun of learning magic."

Welcome to the Academy

Where Magic & Learning Collide

At Academy Of Amazement, we are dedicated to educating children in the science and art of magic.
Our magic programs, classes, and workshops are more than just learning how a few tricks work.
It's learning social skills, building confidence, making friends, and developing respect for themselves and others while having fun.  Discover how magic is STEAM through hands on learning, thinking outside the box, being creative, and working together to give our audience a fun experience.  Anyone can learn and enjoy magic if they have fun trying!

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What is the Academy?

The Academy of Amazement was founded to teach students essential life skills of building confidence, character, and communication skills for life through embracing the fun mysteries of magic.   We use a variety of magic props to create an experience that helps kids and families connect in a language that spans generations. Sharing magic together builds human connections, makes memories that can last a lifetime, and enhances relationships.

In 2015 we were selected to join Discover Magic, an internationally elite group of presenters for the magic life skills program.  As NJ representatives we are held to the same standards of a true magician that we hold the magicians to and all our presenters and teachers are held to upmost standards, including yearly background checks.
Our elite group of magic presenters consists of magicians and teachers who work to enhance our programming and activities to assure we are giving kids an updated quality experience.  We share ideas and tips in our social group daily, meet virtually a few times a year and once a year in person to continue to grow and expand our knowledge in magic, teaching,  having a fun educational program and networking the same traits we teach the kids (including the fact that offline socialization is important to human relationships).
This unique community allows us to give young magicians the best experience possible while continuing the traditions of magic to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and individuality.

Why should kids do Magic?

♠  Everyone who takes a beginner magic class is learning something new and the kids grow and learn together.  Once they take a few courses they all learn to think outside the box, but unlike sports that take a high level of coordination, magic is an activity that everyone can learn and work together to have a fun, exciting experience.

♠  Kids love the program because it's fun and allows them to "fool" adults. They love feeling smart and knowledgeable when they know how something works that an adult doesn't know.
♠  Parents love that kids are communicating more, doing activities offline, learning to be better humans and having fun in an educational setting.

♠  Teachers and Directors love that the we make the kids work to learn and they are developing SEL skills while embracing STEAM in a hands on manner.

♠  Specials Needs students and families like that magic can be a simple activity that's fun, easy to learn and allows them to connect with others who are also on the same level.

What people say about our magic programs

"This is the one place that has truly sparked something in my son's life and has made him feel comfortable around other people!"

Ben Smith - Parent

"My daughter has never been more excited to come home and show me what she's learned!"

Joy Skinner - Parent